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GO SHOP eGiftCard Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions governing the use of the Go Shop eGiftCard (“eGiftCard”), unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings:

Account” means a one-time registration account created for a Customer containing the information including without limitation name, address, identification number (NRIC/Mykad), telephone number, record of accumulated Points and Points balance and/or such other information as may be requested by AGSSB for purposes of registration;

AGSSB” or “We” or “Us” means Astro GS Shop Sdn Bhd (Company Number 1081077-X) a company incorporated in Malaysia and having its registered address at 3rd Floor, All Asia Broadcast Centre, Technology Park Malaysia Lebuhraya Puchong - Sg. Besi, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia;

Customer” or “Customers” means a person or person who places an Order and purchases a Product from Go Shop;

Go Shop Customer T & C” means the terms and conditions relating to the purchase of a Product by a Customer on Go Shop;

eGiftCard(s)” means the eGiftCard or cards sold by Go Shop comprising of various values or denominations and as further described in section 1 herein;

Go Shop” means the home shopping business operated by AGSSB on various platforms which include the television channels which are currently available on Astro’s Channel 118 and 303 (subject to such changes from time to time by AGSSB) and the Site which provides a venue/platform to Customers to place an Order for any Product;

"Order" means any order submitted or placed by a Customer to AGSSB to purchase Product(s) from Go Shop;

"Product/Products" means any products/merchandise/services/offers/display items that are uploaded /showcased/displayed on Go Shop;

"Site" means the online shopping platform (site/website), (mobile site/ mobile website) and/or any mobile applications/mobile interfaces applications/ apps and the services provided by AGSSB which provides a venue/platform to the users of the Site to purchase the Products uploaded, showcased and displayed on the Site;

Point” or “Points” means the reward points awarded under the Programme by AGSSB upon purchase of Products from Go Shop which may be subsequently redeemed for future purchases of Products ;

Programme” means the rewards programme known as “GO SHOP CLUB” operated by AGSSB in accordance its terms and conditions which are found on the Site;

1. eGiftCard
1.1. A sender of a eGiftCard (“Sender”) may select and purchase from the Site, a Go Shop eGiftCard as a gift to a recipient (“Recipient”). The eGiftCard consists of various denomination values which entitles a Recipient to convert the said denomination values into Points that may be used to purchase Product(s) from Go Shop. The eGiftCard is only available for sale on the Site.

1.2. A Sender may choose to send the eGiftCard to the Recipient either via short messaging service (SMS) or electronic mail (email). Each eGiftCard contains a unique code (“unique code”) which requires activation within THIRTY (30) days from the date of the Recipient’s receipt of the eGiftCard (“Validity Period”) subject to Section 3.2 herein.

1.3. Further details and instructions on how to select, purchase and send a eGiftCard can be found on the Site. Sender may also call Go Shop’s hotline 1-800-82-0088 for assistance to find out further details.

2. Purchase of eGiftCard
2.1. A eGiftCard is available in the following denomination values: RM10.00, RM50.00, RM100.00, RM150.00 and RM200.00 and/or as specified on the Site.

2.2. Once the Sender decides on the denomination value of a eGiftCard and the mode of delivery to the Recipient (either via SMS or email), the Sender must provide and key-in all relevant details of a Recipient (including name, telephone number or email address) together with a personalized message (applicable only for eGiftCards delivered via emails) prior to confirmation and payment of the eGiftCard.

2.3. The Sender agrees and instructs AGSSB to collect, use and process the Recipient’s personal information on behalf of the Sender at the Sender’s request in relation to the eGiftCard subject to the purposes stated in Go Shop’s Privacy Notice (found on the Site).

2.4. Payment of a eGiftCard by a Sender to AGSSB can be made by way of credit/debit cards, bank transfer and redemption of Points (for existing Customers) only. The Sender is advised to verify the denomination value of a eGiftCard selected, accuracy of the messages on a eGiftCard and the details of the Recipient carefully prior to clicking the required submission button on the checkout page. Once the Sender has clicked the required submission button at the checkout page for the purchase of the eGiftCard, no cancellation/refunds/exchange will be allowed.

2.5. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, a Sender may only purchase eGiftCards with denominations up to a maximum total value of RM1,000 per transaction but not exceeding RM5,000 in total per day.

2.6. Upon payment clearance and depending on the choice of mode of delivery by the Sender, the Recipient will receive the eGiftCard containing the unique code.

3. Redemption of eGiftCard
3.1. Upon receipt of a eGiftCard from the Sender, the Recipient is entitled to redeem the eGiftCard, and convert its denomination value into Points to purchase Products from Go Shop subject to the following:
a) The Recipient must first activate the unique code contained in the eGiftCard as follows:
i) Access into the link given in the SMS or email received with the eGiftCard OR go directly to the “eGiftCard” section on the Site which will lead to the activation page.
ii) At the activation page, Recipient shall log-in to the Recipient’s Account with Go Shop (for existing Customers) or register as a new Customer on the Site whereupon a new Account will be created for Recipient. The Recipient must be a Customer of Go Shop or register as a Customer first in order to activate the eGiftCard.
iii) After logging into the Account, the Recipient will be re-directed back to the activation page in order to key in the unique code and click the “Activate Now” button.
iv) Upon activation, Points (equivalent to the denomination value of the eGiftCard) will be credited into the Recipient’s Account.

b) Thereafter, the Recipient can start utilizing the Points to purchase Products from Go Shop on all its home shopping platforms subject to the terms of the Go Shop Customer T & C, Privacy Notice and the Go Shop Club Rewards Programme Terms and Conditions (all of which can be found on the Site).

3.2 The eGiftCard and the unique code must be activated within the Validity Period stated in Section 2.1 herein. Upon expiry of the Validity Period and/or where the eGiftCard and the unique code is not activated by the expiry of the Validity Period, the eGiftCard and unique code shall expire and no longer be valid and shall be null and void.

3.3 For lost unique codes, a Sender or Recipient may log in to the Site to report the loss of the unique code and request for the unique code to be re-sent to the Recipient PROVIDED THAT such requests must not exceed 3 times for each unique code. Upon requesting the lost unique code to be re-sent and providing the Recipient’s personal information, the Recipient is deemed to have consented to Go Shop to use, process and disclose the Recipient’s personal data for the purposes of re-sending the unique code to the Recipient.

4. General
4.1. These Terms and Conditions govern the purchase and redemption of the eGiftCard and the Sender and Recipient agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. It shall be read together with all other terms and conditions (which are all available on the Site) when placing and confirming an Order on Go Shop including without limitation: a) The Privacy Notice of AGSSB on the use of personal information; b) The Terms of Use for the Site; and c) the Go Shop Customer T & C; and d) Go Shop Club Reward Programme Terms and Conditions and e) such other information as may be provided by AGSSB. The Terms and Conditions herein shall prevail over any inconsistencies only to the extent of such inconsistencies relate to the eGiftCard.

4.2. AGSSB shall assume no responsibility for any lost, stolen, deleted or otherwise used eGiftCard after the eGiftCard has been sent via SMS or e-mail to the Recipient. AGSSB shall assume no responsibility if the eGiftCard cannot be delivered to the Recipient’s mobile number or e-mail for reasons beyond AGSSB’s control, including firewall setting, filter, internet security protection or classification as spam/junk mail.

4.3. AGSSB reserves the right, at any time to vary, modify, replace, substitute or terminate the Terms and Conditions herein on the use of the eGiftCard including without limitation the denominations of a eGiftCard without prior notification and without being liable in any way to the extent permitted by applicable laws.

4.4. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.

4.5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Malaysia and the parties herein shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaysia.